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June 30, 2022

Contemporary Art Now (CAN) to make its debut in Ibiza from July 13th to 17th

Article by Laura Day-Webb

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Kate Meissner, Peek-A-Boo, 2022, Gallery 1969

Ahead of the launch of Contemporary Art Now’s (CAN) inaugural art fair in Ibiza from July 13th to 17th, newcube is proud to announce our official media partnership with the fair. 

CAN will bring together an exciting group of galleries from around the world – a few of which newcube has had the pleasure of collaborating with in the past. Coming from New York, 1969 will show works by Kate Meissner and Andersen Woof; Brussels and Istanbul-based Ballon Rouge will be showing Peter Simpson. From the UK, Moosey will exhibit works by Imon Boy and Katia Lifshin. Galerie Droste’s booth will feature works by Javier Ruiz and Raphael Brunk while Belgian gallery Sofie Van de Velde will present the intricate works of Charlotte Tyberghein. Many more galleries will be participating in the fair, including Stems, WOAW, Volery, COB, L21 and Everyday

newcube’s Partnership Lead, Laura Day-Webb spoke to the fair’s founder, Sergio Sancho and curator extraordinaire, Sasha Bogojev about their vision for the future of the art world and how CAN plans to differentiate itself within the space. 

Sergio Sancho captured by Carlos Alba®

It is great to speak with you both. To start, can you tell us about yourselves and how you came to be in the art world?

Sergio Sancho: I am from Madrid and had a career in advertising before leaving it behind to devote myself to my passion, art. I am a cultural promoter and before launching CAN, I created UVNT Art Fair (Urvanity) six years ago, as a response to a lack of platforms in Spain for current contemporary art. The fair has become a must-attend event in February during Madrid’s Art Week and alongside it, I have worked as a cultural agitator with artistic projects for companies such as Caleido, Las Rozas Village, Iberia, Swatch, Mahou, and NYX Hotels… bringing art closer to the business world and the general public.

Sasha Bogojev: I live and work in the Netherlands and am originally from Croatia. Over the years, I have collaborated with various international publications and media including my long-term relationship with Juxtapoz magazine, where I have been contributing editor and European correspondent for many years. Since 2016, I have been curating exhibition across the globe including most recently “Lost In A Spectacle”, WOAW Gallery, Beijing (2022), “Domesticity”, Volery Gallery, Dubai, UAE (2021) and “Shape Of An Image”, WOAW Gallery, Hong Kong (2021).

Sasha Bogojev captured by Inneke Gebruers

Can you tell us about CAN’s mission and what inspired you to create a new fair?

Contemporary Art Now (CAN), reflects the obsession to update what is already contemporary.

At CAN we are convinced that there is only one thing more current than today – now.

Now is a rigorous declaration of intentions that forces us to focus solely and exclusively on the latest in Contemporary Art. In its first edition, the fair will bring together around thirty international contemporary art galleries from Europe, America, and Asia.

Peter Simpson, The clammy hands of apple pickers (where's my snickers?), 2020, Ballon Rouge Collective

What prompted the decision to select Ibiza as the location for the fair?

CAN means ‘house of’ in Ibizan. We aspire to be the hosts of the avant-garde of the current scene. Hence our surname, “now.” The island is an inexhaustible source of inspiration in many artistic facets, we think it can also be in art as it is in music, gastronomy, fashion… or in hospitality.

We want to create connections, become a relaxed gathering. Ibiza has traditionally been a sanctuary for artists and creators. In the sixties, there was the ‘Ibiza 59 Group’ and there is a good supply of local galleries. Our goal is to strengthen the alliances of international galleries with national ones. That artists from here can enter the international circuit and that those from abroad become better known in our country.


Katia Lifshin, Mystery Unravels, 2021, Moosey Art

Can you share a bit more about the location and set up for this first edition?

The fair will be held at the island’s exhibition venue (FECOEV), on the outskirts of Dalt Vila, with a careful architectural design where spaciousness and natural light will play a leading role. This meeting, in the month of July, promises art and plenty of sunshine. The fair will be open only during the afternoons but also with unique experiences with programs of parallel events, private visits to institutions and collections or music nights until dawn. 

Charline Tyberghein, Them’s fighting words, 2021, Gallery Sofie van De Velde

What sets CAN apart from other art fairs?

What makes CAN stand out is the curatorial work carried out by Sasha. In each edition, he will identify and invite a selection of galleries that, because of their trajectory and programming, are tracing the panorama of the current artistic scene. 

These are galleries that are situated at the forefront of the emerging world art scene. By focusing on emerging and mid-career creators, there is a strong affinity towards figuration among the works on display, which will give the whole fair a very focused and distinctive appeal. 

Thank you so much to both of you. We cannot wait to attend the fair and discover these wonderful exhibiting galleries, artworks and artists! 

The inaugural CAN art fair in Ibiza will run from July 13th to 17th at FECOEV exhibition venue.

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