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Elina Salminen

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Elina Salminen
"Watching is a bond defined by desire, a desire to understand. There’s this..."

Elina Salminen

Artist from Brussels, Belgium

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u201cThe end of Roe is the result of the Republicansu2019 relentless campaign to restrict reproductive rights and control womenu2019s bodies. Many of the Democrats have been incapable of responding forcefully, and only recently has the left begun to understand that the contestations around gender, race, and class have to be engaged simultaneously and not siloed into rigid hierarchies of concern. This lack of compelling rhetoric and the inability to vote and think strategically has tragically informed the make-up of the current Supreme Court.u201du2063 - Barbara Kruger nn@barbarakruger45 repost from @davidzwirner nn#mybodymychoice
Your body, your choice. We are heartbroken and angry to see womenu2019s fundamental rights been taken away from us.nnIn the words of Michelle Obama: u201cWe are heartbroken for people around this country who just lost the fundamental right to make informed decisions about their own bodies. We may now be destined to learn the painful lessons of the time before Roe was made law of the land u2014 a time when women risked losing their lives getting illegal abortions. A time when the government denied women control over their reproductive functions, forced them to move forward with pregnancies they didnu2019t want, and then abandoned them once their babies were born.u201dnn#mybodymychoice nnPictured here: Reihaneh Hosseini, Gynecologist, 2020.
Shantel Milleru2019s Coming Out series is imbued with ideas relevant to Black Liberation Theology. A stepping stone in the artistu2019s own spiritual journey, each work from this series depicts a black figureu2019s leg against a bright and colorful home setting, entering a new space that triggers our curiosity. With a strong and confident body language, the Coming Out series reflect on the artistu2019s sense of power and authority. nnCurrently exhibited at @dunlopartgallery in Regina, Saskatchewan as part of the u00abu00a0In my Skinu00a0u00bb exhibition curated by Wendy Peart, this series is one of our favorites. nnPictured here: Shantel Miller, Stepping Out on Faith, 2020. nn@shantelmillerart #comingout #discover #curate #support #promote #collect #newcube
u2026And Freedom finally came on June 19th, 1865. u00abu00a0The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free.u201dnnCommemorating Juneteenth today!nnPictured here: Jesse Aridoux, Citizen, 2020. Available on nn#juneteenth #citizen #freedom #discover #curate #support #promote #collect #newcube
The talk of the day @artbasel. This monumental Louise Bourgeois Spider from 1996 breaks all records at @hauserwirthu2019s booth at the fair, selling for $40 million to a European collector. We hear this may be the highest sculpture ever sold by a female artist and the record selling price for any of Bourgeoisu2019s seminal Spiders. nnA little bit of history: it was not until the artistu2019s first retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in 1981 that Bourgeoise began talking openly about her traumatic childhood experiences, as well as her feelings of anger, self-doubt, and fear, all of which she struggled with and put into her artwork. The Spider, a recurring motif in her work, is an ode to her Mother and a metaphor for the loving yet possibly tumultuous relationship of a child to its own mother.nn#artbasel @artbasel @hauserwirth #louisebourgeois #discover #curate #support #promote #collect #newcube
Can you spot the art history references? nnKatayoun Vaziri depicts ordinary people in ordinary settings, often times within the construct of a public space. Through her miniature paintings, she reflects on each individual as equally a subject and an object of capitalism, as political agents of social transformation who are nonetheless subjects to socio-economic inequalities. nnThere is certainly layers of social critique through humor. nnPictured here: Katayoun Vaziri, Memories of a Bourgeoisie, Hours Before Opening of Liberty Leading the People Group Show (Tribute to Delacroix), 2021. nnLink to artwork and artist page in bio. nn@katayoun.vaziri #discover #curate #promote #support #collect #newcube
A big part of what our newcube team does, is discover rising talents. A few weeks ago, while wandering across the @columbiamfavisualartsu2019s grad show, we met @lynlynlliu and discovered her intricate dreamscapes. nnHer cinematic approach to light, staging and costume coupled with her subtle and somewhat absurd sense of the uncanny made us immediately fall in love with her body of works. nnLyn Liuu2019s first solo exhibition at @kasmingallery opens next Friday, June 10th in NYC. All her works have already found new homes. We hope you get a chance to see her works in person! nnCongratulations again @lynlynlliu and @kasmingallery ! We wish you many more successes ahead! nn#lynliu #mfagradshow #contemporaryart #discover #curate #support #promote #collect #newcube
Brussels has a special place in our heart ud83dudda4ud83dudc9bu2665ufe0f our founder is from Brussels, few of our artists live and work in the Belgian capital, our web designers and developers are from the city as well. nnSeeing Brussels shift over the years - and especially its contemporary art scene - has brought us pride and excitement. For 35 years, @xavierhufkens has shaped the Belgian art scene, and today marks the opening of his new expanded and extraordinary gallery. nnAt 6 rue St-Georges, the galleryu2019s flagship was transformed led by the Belgian architecture firm Robbrecht & Daem (@robbrechtendaem). u201cThe design transforms and extends the 19th-century townhouse opened by Hufkens in 1992, nearly tripling its exhibition space, and creating a range of light-filled spaces for the exhibition of contemporary art.u201dnnAs we support young spaces and emerging artists, we equally appreciate the work done for decades by such prominent figures of the art world and we look up to them, for their ongoing support of new projects, talented artists and overall of the global art world that we forever admire. nnCongratulations to @xavierhufkens and the entire team, as well as @christopherwoolart and the exhibitionu2019s curator extraordinaire @ap_office! Et u00e0 bientu00f4t, Bruxelles! ud83cudde7ud83cuddeann#christopherwool #discover #support #promote #curate #collect
Wishing you a restful (long) weekend! nnWhen asked what inspires her a few years ago, Anna Weyant replied: "Primarily the work of other artists (contemporary and historical), but also childrenu2019s books (Madeline, Eloise, anything by Edward Gorey) and advertisements (Perry Ellis in the 1990s is good)." She certainly inspires many other artists herselfu2026nnPictured here: Anna Weyant, Reposing, 2019. This work was shown in @annaweyantu2019s first solo show in 2019 at nn#annaweyant #discover #curate #support #promote #collect #newcube
u00abu00a0Important to Reihaneh Hosseiniu2019s practice is an understanding of her conservative upbringing, and the place of this past in her seminal works. Hosseiniu2019s works actively dispute the sacredness, shame, embarrassment and chastity often imposed on the female form. Her works are a rejection of these conservative notions, instead exploring nature, the body, nudity and laughter in her works.u00a0u00bb - curatorial statement by @mollieebarnes/ @she_curates_ nnDuring a recent cathartic trip to Hormoz, an Island in the Persian Gulf, Reihaneh Hosseini and her friends connected with the soil and nature of her motherland. Travelling in a tuk tuk car on the red sandy road, the weight of passengers had slowed their journey. The slow pace allowed them to fully reconnect with their surroundings, taking in all that nature has to offer. With her signature style, exaggerated and almost grotesque features, Hosseini once again brings together playfulness, humor, but also self-reflection and her philosophical approach to life.nnWorks by Reihaneh Hosseini are in collections across the US, Canada, Belgium, London, Austria, Hong Kong, Dubai and Berlin. nnWork: The Red Road, 2022nn@reihaneh067 #discover #curate #support #promote #collect #newcube
Kudos to @154artfair for a NY comeback in full force - after 2 long years - in an iconic building, the Harlem Parish, a historic venue first built in 1897 and recently reopened in 2017.nnAs one of the leading fairs presenting contemporary art from Africa and the African diaspora, 1-54 brings an international lineup of 25 galleries from across Africa, Europe and the Middle East, with a special emphasis on galleries from New York and Harlem, such as @cierrabrittongallery, @longgallery, @lucegallery, @hannahtraoregallery, @superpositiongallery, @fridmangallery and @mediumtings! nn@telglaoui @154artfair #artfair #contemporaryart #discovery #support #promote #curate #collect #newcube
Cameras are rolling u2026 ud83cudfa5 weu2019ve enjoyed our precious time in @sleepymagicku2019s studio! Lots in the making! nn#artiststudio #discover #curate #support #promote #collect #newcube
We are proud and excited to announce that newcube is now working with Mexico City & NY-based artist Katayoun Vaziri @katayoun.vaziri u2728nnBorn in Tehran, Iran, Katayoun Vaziri graduated from Yale University in 2009 with a MFA in Painting. She has completed prestigious residencies including the Skowhegan School of Painting & Drawings (@skowheganart). After a voluntary hiatus from the art world, Vaziri returned to painting in 2017 with a mission to create site-specific drawings and give back to marginalized communities. In continuation with the source of inspiration for her artworks and her active social engagement, she has committed to donate her proceeds to carefully selected and vetted community building organizations. nnStay tuned for more and in the meantime, check out her artist page via our link in bio! nn@katayoun.vaziri @yalepainting #discover #curate #support #promote #collect #newcube
We are so pleased to have placed works by @reihaneh067 and @shantelmillerart from our booth at @futurefairs in collections around the world, from the United Arab Emirates to New York, Boston, Los Angeles and London! nnWe are also honored to have been featured as the highlight of the fair in @theartnewspaper.official, but also in @juxtapozmag, @getparlor and @artsyu2019s special selections, to name a few. nnTo access newcubeu2019s booth on artsy, click on the link in bio! nn#newyorkartweek @shantelmillerart @reihaneh067 #discover #curate #support #promote #collect #newcube
Andu2026 itu2019s a wrap! Thank you @futurefairs and every single person who came to say hi! Thank you to @reihaneh067 @shantelmillerart and everyone at Future Fairs and our partner in fair and crime @andreafestafineart.nn#newyorkartweek
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