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Pedro Ruxa

Born in 1993 in Lisbon, Portugal, Pedro Ruxa lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

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"When I was a young boy I often had this feeling that reality was a fiction, like a permanent cinema screen with pictures scrolling, and that I was not able to take part in it. I felt like a passive spectator of my own life. Art has allowed me to take part in reality, to take a position, and to choose a point of view. The canvas is my cinema screen."

Born in 1993 in Lisbon, Portugal, Pedro Ruxa lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Ruxa is enamored with painting and inspired by words. It is through painting, but also through objects and bits and pieces of poems that Ruxa attempts to communicate with his senses and sensibility. His works create an intimate dialogue, be it actually between himself and the paint, or us and the words. Through a reconstructed language that is his own, shapes, colors, letters, and sentences become his subject matter. Ruxa constantly creates ever-changing clouds of words and imagery and sticks them on his studio walls, making them the starting point to his oeuvre. Yet, he simultaneously explores the restraints of this same language: what is happening before or after what we see? The more Ruxa tends to take control over his words, his sight, and his emotions, the more he is unable to contain it within the realm of comprehension. But all this is exactly at the core of his aesthetic language and it is undeniably touching, both visually and emotionally.

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Tranquility Base (#9)


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