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Nick Farhi

Born in 1987, Nick Farhi lives and works in New York, NY.
Nick Farhi
"Through the labor of painting, I am wrought with ideas from waking life, especially where I live in New York City. I am on a quest to cinematize the still life genre. My paintings are about moving life, but also about loss and gain and this beautiful rhythm of life."

Nick Farhi (b. 1987, New York) is an artist, poet, and theorist. Developing a wonky and uniquely a-skewed visual grammar through the labor of painting, Farhi's works are often large scale representational oil paintings that depict everyday objects and reflect on the rhythm of life. Through an interplay between visual research, spanning from found imagery and autobiographical photography, to an internal intuition for cinematic figuration, Farhi makes his painterly mark by elevating ordinary objects to the status of memento mori. A piano, a glass or a coffee machine become symbolic tropes that act as a reminder of the inevitability of nostalgia.

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