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Katayoun Vaziri

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1983, Katayoun Vaziri now lives and works between New York City and Mexico City.
Katayoun Vaziri
"I returned to art in 2017. My new journey started by observing my daily life and that of my surroundings, while assessing my role and theirs in its economic and political structure. My drawings are now active participants in the daily life of the city. This is why I call them site-specific drawings."

Following a voluntary hiatus from the art world, Katayoun Vaziri started painting again, mainly on Sundays and more regularly throughout the pandemic. Her 'Sunday paintings' are her personal visual diary. Vaziri depicts ordinary people, often including herself in ordinary settings, completing everyday activities. With her Memories of a Bourgeoisie Series and her Repetition Series amongst others, Vaziri reflects on each individual as equally a subject and an object of capitalism, as political agents of social transformation who are nonetheless subjects to socio-economic inequalities. With her oeuvre, she reflects on how ordinary people may have to forego their ideals for the sake of survival. Somewhere between empathy and critique, her miniature works are playful, yet engaged, like postcards filled with familiar references that tell the story of each and everyone of us. Born in Tehran and now living and working between New York City and Mexico City, Katayoun Vaziri graduated from Yale University in 2009 with an MFA in Painting. Since her graduation, Vaziri has had solo and group exhibitions in New York, London, Mexico City and Dubai and has invited to prestigious residencies including the Skowhegan School of Painting and Drawings in Maine and Eyebeam in Brooklyn. In continuity with the source of inspiration for her artworks and her active social engagement, Katayoun Vaziri has committed to hold no monetary gain from the sale of her artworks. The artist's proceeds will be donated to carefully selected and vetted community building organizations. For any further queries regarding these causes, please contact us.

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