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Saj Issa

Born in 1994 in St. Louis, Saj Issa lives and works between St. Louis, Missouri and Los Angeles, California.
Saj Issa
"The reality is that I have a political identity, and I’m just making art that’s informed by my surroundings and experience. "

Born in 1994 in St. Louis, Missouri where she currently lives and works, Palestinian-American artist Saj Issa explores vital topics, including cultural erasure, dispute, displacement, capitalism and climate change. The regional transition between Palestine, Los Angeles and St. Louis, Missouri where she is currently based, has had a significant influence on her practice, fueling her exploration of the current social context and the contrasting realities between these places. A standout of Issa’s works are the incorporation of Western languages, brands and logos – each a highly commercial aspect – layered before ornate ceramic tiles that have traditionally been tools to represent less atheist concepts. Saj Issa's commitment to documenting the social context and her surroundings remains steadfast, creating art that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Artworks by the artist

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Available only
Al-A'la The Most High (Nike Series)


Saj IssaSculpture & Installation
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