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Molly Kent

Born in 1995 in Birmingham, England, Molly Kent lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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"My interests lie in exploring and translating notions of mental health into tangible objects that explore historical craft production methods, with the contrast of bright and strong motifs taken from digital media."

Born in 1995 in Birmingham, England, Molly Kent lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. Through the traditional medium of rug tufting, Kent reflects on her doubts as a young individual living in an internet-driven digital world consumed by both technology and epidemics. Moving beyond the craft that traditionally bears a domestic and ornamental quality, Kent creates objects that awaken our senses and challenge our perception while alluding to the struggles one can have with mental health. Her rugs often take on organic shapes, while her colors and patterns are intrinsically inherent to the aesthetics of glitch art. Inspired by unexpected blasts of pixelated jagged lines that sometimes appear on digital screens, she applies these visual glitches to her weaves. The sense of discomfort that she intentionally creates is sometimes reinforced by her use of disruptive and ambiguous words, delicately interwoven in the fiber. The softness and malleability of her objects come to act as a cushion to the doubts and emotional fatigue that have taken over herself and her generation.

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