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Shantel Miller

Born in 1991 in Toronto, Canada, Shantel Miller lives and works in Boston, USA.

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"Experiencing a work of art is like meeting someone new. You're not going to know everything about them at first, with each encounter more information will be revealed to you. "

Born in 1991 in Toronto, Canada, Shantel Miller lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts. Miller is a storyteller. As the daughter of Jamaican ministers who immigrated to Canada, she takes viewers on an intimate and spiritual journey, shedding light on representations of race, gender, and belief systems. As she documents everyday life and shares with us her ordinary surroundings, her re-imagined spaces specifically depict moments of black life. With oil paints and delicate details, she questions authority, existence, and contemplates what it means to be human. As we enter her meditative space, we find ourselves engaged in a conversation about both the beauties and the limitations of our contemporary visual culture.

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Available only
artwork of mother and son
In Hidden Places


Shantel Miller
What Have You Done?


Shantel MillerDrawing
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