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Patti Ruiz-Healy

Patti Ruiz-Healy
Curated by: Patti Ruiz-Healey
"For me, the most important thing about art is the conversations that arise. Any piece that I would collect must be the type of work that will start a conversation, which is why I was drawn to the four works I selected."
Patti Ruiz-Healy is the Director of Ruiz-Healy Art with locations in San Antonio, Texas and New York. After several years at Sotheby's in their Latin American Art department, Patti joined Ruiz-Healy Art which her mother founded in 2006. Ruiz-Healy Art specializes in contemporary works of art with an emphasis on Latinx and Latin American artists, as well as prominent Texas-based artists. Most of the gallery program centers on artists who are generally underrepresented and at times overlooked in the contemporary art world. Ruiz-Healy advocates for an art world shifting to the virtual in order to perfect ways to connect with curators, artists and collectors online.

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